By Stephen Harrison

A hundred and one Verbi Frasali Inglesi - Secondo Volume

Si tratta del secondo e-book della serie di bestseller '101 Verbi Frasali Inglesi '. I verbi frasali sono estremamente comuni in inglese, ma il loro utilizzo corretto può essere una sfida in keeping with gli studenti, anche quelli con un elevato livello di competenza.

Questo e-book vi aiuterà a padroneggiare questi verbi e rendere il vostro inglese più fluente e simile a quella degli inglesi madrelingua.

Questo e-book include
● Una spiegazione dei tipi di verbi frasali.
● Le regole grammaticali in line with il loro utilizzo.
● one zero one verbi frasali inglesi con traduzione in italiano.
● Un racconto appositamente scritto, che utilizza molti dei verbi frasali trattati.

Questo libro è perfetto consistent with chi cerca di rinfrescare le proprie competenze dell' inglese, o in line with gli studenti principianti.

Scorrete il backup e scaricatelo ora!

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12. It was an accident so I’m going to own up and say it was my fault. 13. I love this tool. It doubles as a hammer and a screwdriver. 14. She looks down on us because we’re not as rich as she is. 15. I gave up smoking last year. 16. The other children left the new girl out so the teacher spoke to them. 17. Madonna has racked up lots of number one records. 18. I started at a new company and I’m raking it in. I don’t know what to do with all my money! 19. We did our house up last year. It cost a fortune but it was worth it.

Oh look! There she is. Zoom off (partire in velocita’/sparire in macchina) tipo 1 A: I was talking to John and then he zoomed off. Esercizi 1. I have quarrelled _____ my boss every day. to ...... with ...... for 2. Mum, please don’t freak _____ but I’m leaving university. up ...... down ...... out 3. Jack! Wake up! You can’t nod _____ now. off ...... of ...... down 4. Sit down and I’ll rustle _____ a meal for us. up ...... across ...... about 5. After five years, the two friends drifted _____. out ......

Dry off (asciugare completamente) tipo 2 A: My shoes are soaking wet! Let me dry them off for you. I have a tumble dryer. Dumb down (semplificare eccessivamente – espressione negativa informale ) tipo 2 A: They are making a new movie version of ‘Hamlet’. B: Well I won’t go and see it. Hollywood always dumbs things down. E a J Ebb away (regredire) tipo 1 A: The patient’s strength ebbed away until he finally died. Egg on (incoraggiare) tipo 2 A: Look mum, Jack is being naughty! B: I can see that and I also saw you egging him on!

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