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Weird climate: stories of Astronomical and Atmospheric Anomalies is set the unusual, strange, and inexplicable occasions that occur within the air and sky. those comprise meteors that seem within a darkened residence, ghost lighting that keep on with lone tourists, lightning rising from patches of fog, and masses extra. lots of those climatic brainteasers take place inside Earth’s skies, yet there are parallel curiosities on different worlds, together with: lightning on Venus, methane spouts on Titan, thunderstorms two times the scale of Earth on Saturn, whirlwinds and dirt storms on Mars , and auroras on Jupiter!

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Basic system design. "OLD" RAVE GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE MAIN GUI CUTTING PLANE MANAGER TOPOGRAPHY MANAGER CUTTING PLANE TOPOGRAPHY ... ISOSURFACE MANAGER ... ISOSURFACE There should be a main graphical user interface class. g. ). This class, called raveVtkMain, is also responsible for communication with the “old rave”, shown at the top of Figure 21. Polar data volumes will be opened as before, through existing interfaces in rave. On top of that, it generates a few basic vtk objects from the 50 of 76 polar volume.

Then, the light intensity can be linearly interpolated over the triangle in order to make the shading appear softer, especially for curved surfaces that have been approximated with polygons. This technique is known as Gouraud shading, and it can be performed by dedicated hardware in the 3D graphics accelerator. Even better-looking shading can be achieved using Phong shading. In this case, the surface normals are linearly interpolated over the triangle, the θ angle is calculated for each normal, and the expression in Equation 27 is evaluated.

Figure 12. Pixels and voxels. 1. 2 Polar and cartesian volumes In this chapter, it is assumed that the data is stored in a cartesian coordinate system, forming a rectilinear grid of data. However, as seen in Chapter 2, the nature of radar data is originally not cartesian but polar. g. 4, “The RHI object”, on page 54). g. isosurfaces, require that data be resampled into a cartesian grid first, though. 1 Gaussian splatting One method to create a cartesian grid of data out of a dataset with another structure - completely unorganised or with some polar structure, for instance - is called Gaussian splatting.

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