By Maffo Vialli (auth.), Vittorio Erspamer (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783642854699

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Ve may say that a typical enterochromaffin cell may be identified by the presence of granules of particular shape and disposition, the fact that fixation is possible only with formalin solutions and finally by all those histochemical and histophysical characteristics which, according to ERSPAMER (1954), indicate that the cell belongs to the enterochromaffin system; moreover the granules are obviously also argentophil. The argentophil pre-enterochromaffin cell has the same morphological characteristics as the typical enterochromaffin cell, only its granules are provided with a much wider fixation spectrum and, though argentophil.

He interprets the positive result obtained by nitric acid oxidation, followed by aLkalinization, as due to the murexide reaction, charac- 17 The typical enterochromaffin cell teristic for substances containing a pyrimidinic ring. However, this result may also be interpreted as the expression of a xanthoproteic reaction. \Ye may also mention a few indirect data on the emymes by GERZELI, GHIRIXGHELLI and :\IIRA (1962) who, studying the extremities of the fundus glands of a rabbit, which are particularly rich in enterochromaffin cells, were not ablc to observe a difference in enzyme content between the enterochromaffin cells certainly present and the delomorphous that are much poorer in the enzymes assayed.

By employing fixatives other than formalin, one limits the observable histological picture to the argentophil cells alone; formalin fixation, on the other hand, may be employed to study them in the intestinal tract of those species which lack enterochromaffin cells. With the exception of the negative response to the typical reactions for enterochromaffin cells, histochemical data are completely lacking and their study represents one of the most serious problems still awaiting solution in the field of enterochromaffin cell research_ In the pancreas it is particularly difficult to discriminate argentophil cells; undoubtably, since typical enterochromaffin cells are present in the pancreatic islets of a few species, one must assume that, at least part of what is classified as argentophil actually consists of typical pre-enterochromaffin cells; on the other hand, again in the islets, 24 Enterochromaffin cells the A-cells too, believed to be secretors of glucagon, are typically argentophili therefore, if nothing else, we have the problem of distinguishing betwcen these two cell types (CAVALLERO, MALANDRA and MOSCA 1957, MOSCA 1958).

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