By Israel Regardie

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A simple creation to the sensible Qabala as a street map to the subconscious, and to Man's interrelationship with the Universe -- with specific emphasis on mental integration, magick, and religious development.

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In view of this continual source of misunderstanding, it is clearly necessary to establish a fundamental and universal language for the communication of ideas. -had actually attempted this Great Work of constructing a coherent system. Those which were coherent were, sad to say, hardly comprehended or subscribed to. It is sometimes claimed that the Buddhist terminology, as contained in the Abidhamma, provides a sufficiently complete philosophical alphabet. While there is much to be said in favour of the Buddhist system, we cannot wholly concur with this opinion for the following reasons: Firstly, the actual words are barbarously long, impossibly so for the average European.

That which is known and named is known and named not from a knowledge of its substance but from its limitations. In itself, it is unknowable, unthinkable, and unspeakable. ), a disciple already mentioned of Isaac the Blind, states that the Ain can neither be comprehended by the intellect, nor described in words; for there is no letter or word to grasp it. In another very important system, this idea is very picturesquely and graphically represented as the goddess Nuit, the Queen of Absolute Space and the naked brilliance of the night sky blue-the Woman" jetting forth the milk of the stars (cosmic dust) from her paps".

He answers the question in his Introduction to the Kabbalah Unveiled: " By reflection of itself. For although 0 b~ incapable of definition, 1 is definable. And the effect of a definition is to form an Eidolon, duplicate or image, of the thing defined. Thus, then, we obtain a duad composed of 1 and its reflection. " If we try for a moment to think what is the ultimate differentiation of Existence, we shall find that so far as we can grasp it it is a plus and minus, positive and negative, male and female, and so we should expect on the 'free of Life to find that the two emanations succeeding Keser partake of these characteristics.

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