By Kenneth E. Iverson

ISBN-10: 0471430145

ISBN-13: 9780471430148

Iverson K.E. A Programming Language. (Wiley, 1962)(ISBN 0471430145)

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A typical assignment statement would look like this: whole = part1 + part2 + part3; The assignment statement enables you to calculate the value of an expression which appears on the right hand side of the equals sign, in this case the sum of part1, part2 and part3, and store the result in the variable specified on the left hand side, in this case whole. In this statement, the whole is exactly the sum of its parts, and no more. FYI Note how the statement, as always, ends with a semicolon. com You can also write repeated assignments such as, A = B= 1; where this is equivalent to assigning the value 1 to B, then assigning the value of B to A.

In a practical program, we would need to check for errors and possibly make sure that the values that are read are sensible, but we don't have enough knowledge to do that yet! 0*(length + width); perimeter // Calculate room strips_reqd = perimeter / rollwidth; required // Get total strips nrolls = strips_reqd / strips_per_roll; of rolls // Calculate number The first statement calculates the number of strips of paper with a length corresponding to the height of the room that we can get from a standard roll, by dividing one into the other.

You will be able to see if you have entered Int where you should have entered int, since the two will be different colors. com If you look at the FileView tab for your new project, you'll see the newly created source file in the FileView. FileView will always show all the files in a project. The main() function will appear under the Globals section of the ClassView. We'll consider the meaning of this later. exe item in the Build menu, you should get the following output: Program Comments The first two lines in the program are comments.

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