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A . Summary Previously developed differential equations for crossed-field trajectories are particularly suitable for investigating the characteristics of the orbits in crossed-field ion sources. A t lower repeller voltages there can be e n o r m o u s initial kinetic energy discrimination due to the cycloids turning around before reaching the plane of the first slit. Energy relations for collectible orbits will be presented. A transformation o f angle may be made between the isotropic distribution o f initial velocity c o m ­ ponents to the anisotropic distribution of orbits that applies in the beam defined by the first slit.

The neutral particle patterns obtained resemble those from graphite. They consist mainly of CO and some CO2, but do show a distinct increase for C2H2. Similarly, the positive ion patterns of the coal samples did not show any special features to distinguish them from graphite samples. The negative ion spectrum, too, is very similar to the graphite pattern in its complexity, showing the usual carbon peaks with alternating intensities between Ci" and Cio". There are, however, distinct differences for the carbon-hydrogen combination peaks, in particular CgHg" (mass 26) which for the coal samples becomes the most intense peak of the entire negative spectrum.

D E M A R I A , G . a n d I N G H R A M , M . G . , / . , 17. PEASE, R . S . , Rendiconti, Scuola Chem. Internationale Soc, 8 1 ,4477 (1959). di Fisica, Varenna 2 9 , 1015 (1958). 1 9 5 9 , Corso 1 3 , 1 5 8 - 1 6 5 a t a l i a n Physical S o c i e t y 1 9 6 0 ) . DISCUSSION V . H . D I B E L E R : I n these studies the species with a n even n u m b e r o f c a r b o n a t o m s are the m o r e c o m m o n . H o w d o e s this relate t o your observations o f carbon vapour ionized by electron impact, where I recall the species o f o d d carbon number were the m o r e abundant?

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