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“Concrete Poetry isn't really one kind yet a cluster of chances, all falling within the Intermedium among semantic poetry, calligraphic and typographic poetry, and sound poetry.

It first crystalized out of those previous modes within the early Nineteen Fifties within the works of such humans as Eugen Gomringer (CH), Carlo Belloli (IT), Dieter Rot (IS), Öyvind Fahlström (SW), the Noigandres workforce (Haroldo and Augusto de Campos, Décio Pignatari and others, BR), Carlfriedrich Claus (GDR), Gerhard Rühm, Friedrich Achleitner and H.C. Artmann (AT), Daniel Spoerri and Claus Bremer (DE), and Emmett Williams (US, then dwelling in DE). lately a moment iteration of significant figures have extra to the stream, together with such humans as Hansjörg Mayer (DE), Ladislav Novák and Jiří Kolář (CZ), Edwin Morgan and Ian Hamilton Finlay (SC), Bob Cobbing (EN), bp Nichol (CA), Mary Ellen Solt and Jonathan Williams (US), Pierre and Ilse Garnier (FR), Seiichi Niikuni and Kitasono Katue (JP) and plenty of others.

The actual fact of the looks of parallel paintings kind of independently in such a lot of nations and languages exhibits one of many specified elements of the move, particularly its resource being within the improvement of a brand new mentality within which values develop into fused and inter-relationships proven on a extra complicated undeniable than used to be the case within the purer, previous modes of poetry.”

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Branch, swaying in the wind, is Tama's Iove. Tama forgets her will, knows only yours. Tama forgets her whims listening for yours. The night 'is Tama's Iove. Tama evaparates in order to create. The Iove of Tama is the fertile earth. Each of your words will germinate in Tama. The deep is Tama's Iove. Go down in Tama. 40 Do not fend off the evening breeze. Tama comes to you in the breeze of the evening. The evening wind breathes your forehead cool. The evening wind breathes your body warm. Listen to spring whispering in veins of wind.

Fragrance of hyacinths was Tama's soul. And yet the Stranger left. Tama was left alone. Stranger, don't ever come and wake the soul of Tama. Far better let her lie asleep amid the trees, the grass. 30 Snake came to Tama, said to her: Eat, Tama, from the wisdom tree. But Tama answered: Tama will not eat. Tama had best stay simple, Iet something eise wiser than Tama be. For Tama's wisdom is like a deep weil. Springs keep the well united with Groundwater. Groundwater is the mother of all that is. Wiser than Groundwater naught can be.

Tama is vanishing like moonlight on the lake. A garment in a heap is Tama's body. Awaken, Tama! Footsteps on the road. _ Say that Tama is dew that feil on the field. Say that Tama has left with the wind that died. 37 Adrift amid high waves is Tama's tiny boat. Spirit of motion does not bear to stop, either for joy or pain. Only the sleeping water lilies know how good is every sea, how good it is to rest on any shore, and that death is the same, wherever it may be. 38 Tama is mystery. Nobody ever knows where Tama came from nor where she is going.

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