By T. C. and Kurt Benirschke Hsu

ISBN-10: 1461564301

ISBN-13: 9781461564300

ISBN-10: 1468473875

ISBN-13: 9781468473872

Big apple 1967-1971 Springer. four thardcover hree ring binders. quarto. One binder--Table of Contents and Cumulative Index for quantity 1-6; One binder of Folios for Primates in Volumes 1-5; One binder of non-Primate Folios in Volumes 1-5; One binder for quantity 6 (Primates and non-Primates). backbone label on index quantity. Volumes 1-6 and index quantity in four binders:

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Both are in the collection of the Texas Technological University, Lubbock, Texas, USA. : Karyotypes of bats of the family Phyllostomidae and their taxonomic implications. Southwest. Natural. 12:407, 1967. J. : The multiple sex chromosome system of American leaf-nosed bats (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae). Cytogenetics 2:27-38, 1968. Order: Family: CHIROPTERA PHYLLOSTOMIDAE Chiroderma villosum 2n=26 x y x X Volume 5, Folio 207, 1971 Order: CHIROPTERA Family: PHYLLOSTOMIDAE Glossophaga soricina (Pallas' long-tongued bat) 2n = 32 Volume 5, Folio 208, 1971 Order: Family: CHIROPTERA PHYLLOSTOMIDAE Glossophaga soricina (Pallas' long-tongued bat) 2n=32 AUTOSOMES: 30 Metacentrics and submetacentrics SEX CHROMOSOMES: X Submetacentric Y Minute acrocentric According to Baker (1967), all the species in the genus Glossophaga studied thus far, Q.

X ..

James L. Patton. The specimens were collected from Balta, Rio Curanja, Depto Loreto, Peru (El. 300 meters). The specimens are deposited in the Museum of Zoology, University of California at Berkeley, California, USA, bearing voucher numbers d136370 and ~136368. Bone marrow was used for cytological preparations. Order: MARSUPIALIA Fami ly: DIDELPHIDAE Marmosa murina (Mouse opossum) 2n=14 x Y ~ X X VolumeS, Folio 203, 1971 Order: INSECTIVORA Family: SORICIDAE Neomys fodiens (Old world water shrew) 2n = 52 Volume 5, Folio 204, 1971 Order: Family: INSECTIVORA SORICIDAE Neomys fodiens (Old world water shrew) 2n=52 AUTOSOMES: 44 Metacentrics, submetacentrics and subtelocentrics 6 Acrocentrics SEX CHROMOSOMES: X Submetacentric Y Submetacentric The karyotypes were prepared and kindly donated by Dr.

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An Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes: Volume 5 by T. C. and Kurt Benirschke Hsu

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