By Johannes W. Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, Elke Lütjen-Drecoll

Фотографической атлас анатомии показывает впечатляющие полноцветные фотографии реальных разрезов тела человека и сопроводительные схематические чертежи и диагностические изображения. Это издание содержит более 1200 изображений и показывает анатомические структуры более реалистично, чем иллюстрации в традиционных атласах.
Подлинное фотографическое воспроизведение цвета, структуры и пространственных измерений помогут вам развить понимание анатомии человеческого тела.

Featuring remarkable full-color images of tangible cadaver dissections with accompanying schematic drawings and diagnostic pictures, this confirmed textual content depicts anatomic buildings extra realistically than illustrations in conventional atlases.
Authentic photographic replica of colours, buildings, and spatial dimensions as noticeable within the dissection lab and at the working desk assist you strengthen an figuring out of the anatomy of the human physique.

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V1) Maxillary nerve (n. V2) Mandibular nerve (n. V3) Trigeminal nerve (n. V) with trigeminal ganglion Facial nerve (n. VII) and vestibulocochlear nerve (n. VIII) Glossopharyngeal nerve (n. IX), vagus nerve (n. X) and accessory nerve (n. XI) Anterior meningeal artery Internal carotid artery Oculomotor nerve (n. III) and trochlear nerve (n. IV) Abducent nerve (n. VI) Middle meningeal artery and meningeal branch of mandibular nerve Greater and lesser petrosal nerves Basilar artery Vertebral artery Posterior meningeal artery and recurrent meningeal nerve Hypoglossal nerve (n.

IX), Vagus nerve (n. X), Accessory nerve (n. XI), Internal jugular vein, Posterior meningeal artery Jugular foramen Parapharyngeal region Hypoglossal nerve (n. XII) Hypoglossal canal Tongue Accessory nerve (n. XI, spinal root), Vertebral arteries, Anterior and posterior spinal arteries, Medulla oblongata Foramen magnum Base of skull Posterior cranial fossa 31 32 Base of the Skull Base of the skull (inferior aspect). Base of the Skull A = Pterygoid canal B = Foramen ovale C = Internal carotid artery within carotid canal and internal jugular vein within the venous part of jugular foramen D = Stylomastoid foramen (facial nerve) E = Jugular foramen (glossopharyngeal, vagus and accessory nerves) F = Hypoglossal canal (hypoglossal nerve) Base of the skull (from below).

Canals, fissures, and foramina of the base of the skull 1 Superior orbital fissure 2 Foramen rotundum 3 Optic canal 4 Foramen ovale 5 Foramen spinosum 6 Internal acoustic meatus 7 Jugular foramen 8 Foramen magnum Bones 9 Frontal bone (orange) 10 Ethmoidal bone (dark green) 11 Sphenoidal bone (red) 12 Temporal bone (brown) 13 Parietal bone (yellow) 14 Occipital bone (blue) 17 Digitate impressions (frontal bone) 18 Lesser wing of sphenoidal bone 19 Foramen lacerum 20 Hypophysial fossa (sella turcica) 21 Anterior clinoid process 22 Trigeminal impression 23 Petrous part of temporal bone 24 Groove for sigmoid sinus 25 Dorsum sellae (posterior clinoid process) 26 Greater wing of sphenoidal bone, groove for middle meningeal artery 27 Hypoglossal canal Details of bones 15 Crista galli 16 Cribriform plate Base of the skull (internal aspect, superior view).

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