By Dr. Nicholas James Strausfeld (auth.), Dr. Nicholas James Strausfeld (eds.)

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The fact that the cell body resides in the rind is of no consequence: it merely illustrates again the unipolarity of insect perikarya. The functional unit extends from the neurite: its arborisations define the cell as bipolar or multipolar. Terms such as "monopolar cell" are derived from early accounts by the Spanish authors to describe, in their case, a first order visual interneuron. In retrospect, a better name for the monopolar cell would be a Vigier cell, after its discoverer. 4 illustrates a category II (group 2A) cell: a complex internuncial.

5 A KRONTHAL-CORNING impregnation of trachea in the upper brain and Subeosophageal (sag) neuropil (sagittal section). B GOLGI impregnated trachea in the medulla and lobula complex of Calliphora. Juvenile adult, circa 10 hours preeclosion. 1). These are connected to acessory air sacs within the head capsule, and give rise to branches which perforate the perineural sheath to subsequently divide profusely at the margins of synaptic neuropils. In pupal animals trachea are shown up by the Golgi Colonnier method (Fig.

The idea that a single neuron could fulfill several distinct interneuronal roles was also suggested for crustacean dendritic trees (KENNEDY, 1966; MULLONY and SELVERSTON, 1972). 6 is just such an ambiguous element. Fig. 6 summarize this basic scheme of classification. Z....... 10. Categories of nerve cells Receptive and donative specialisations have been arbitarily given to the schematic neurons. A. =post-synaptic . = pre- and postsynaptic ~ = pre-synaptic t. g Kenyon cell to (X and f3 lobes; second order visual interneuron (Ycell) to lobula and lobula plate).

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Atlas of an Insect Brain by Dr. Nicholas James Strausfeld (auth.), Dr. Nicholas James Strausfeld (eds.)

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