By Gulchin A. Ergun, Peter J. Kahrilas (auth.), Roy C. Orlando MD (eds.)

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Laryngoceles may be classified as internal or combined internal and external [22]. ii£M Pharyngeal ulcerations in cicatricial (bullous) pemphigoid. A, Severe ulceration of the hypopharynx. A large confluent ulcer is present on the posterior pharynx. In addition, Wi:M Atlas of Esophageal Diseases are confined to the larynx and present as cystic swellings of the aryepiglottic fold. Combined laryngoceles result from herniation of the laryngocele through the thyrohyoid membrane. The most common symptoms of laryngoceles include hoarseness, cough, and a foreign-body sensation.

Diagnostic testing for granuloma of the larynx should include video laryngoscopy and evaluation for SEGERD (see Fig. 2-18). Note the location at the vocal process and the pedunculated nature of the lesion. Vocal fold granulomas should be treated primarily as a medical disease, with surgery reserved for medical failures. Management of granuloma of the larynx should include a trial of antireflux therapy for at least 3 months, even in patients with no symptoms of reflux disease. Close monitoring is advised; if no improvement is noted after 6 to 8 weeks, excisional biopsy should be considered to exclude malignancy.

Panels D-F adapted from Shaker et al. il,. Zenker's diverticulum. A, Anteroposterior and B, oblique views of a Zenker's diverticulum. Note that the barium bolus has been cleared from the pharynx and esophagus after swallowing but remains in the diverticulum. Minimal residue is present in the piriform sinuses. The most common type of symptomatic esophageal diverticulum is Zenker's or pharyngoesophageal diverticulum. Zenker's diverticula occur as a posterior protrusion of the pharyngeal mucosa through Killian's dehiscence.

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