By Shirley A. Bayer, Joseph Altman

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The second one quantity within the Atlas of Human primary frightened process improvement sequence, The Human mind in the course of the 3rd Trimester offers new information regarding immature positive aspects of the perinatal mind that experience by no means sooner than been pointed out. without different atlas to be had at the improvement of the human mind in the course of the 3rd trimester, this quantity fills a wide void within the present literature. This undemanding survey of the complicated structural tactics that happen in the course of human CNS improvement can provide a visible list of approximately each constitution within the mind throughout the 3rd trimester.

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21 PLATE 16 Remnants of the germinal matrix, migratory streams, and transitional fields 1 2 3 4 Fornical glioepithelium 5 Parahippocampal neuroepithelium, subventricular zone, and stratified transitional field Paracentral/parietal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Paracentral/parietal stratified transitional field Callosal glioepithelium GW37 Coronal CR 350 mm Y217-65 Level 16: Section 1221 6 Temporal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone 7 Temporal stratified transitional field 8 Alvear glioepithelium 9 Mesencephalic glioepithelium/ependyma 10 External germinal layer (cerebellum) 11 Subpial granular layer (cortical) See detail of brain core and cerebellum in Plates 42A and B.

Amygdalohippocampal area? Globus pallidus (internal segment) Lateral hypothalamic area White matter Putamen Me d Paraventricular nucleus Thalamic glioepithelium/ ependyma SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA AMYGDALA Reticular nucleus THALAMUS Hypothalamic glioepithelium/ependyma Lateral migratory stream (extends to temporal cortex) Anteromedial nucleus Mammillothalamic tract lary lamina ul BASAL GANGLIA Anterodorsal Vental anterior nucleus nucleus Stria medullaris PERI RE Bed nucleus of the stria terminalis OR RI X TE LE ANOMP C Stria terminalis L RA X LT NT PLE BE VE M R CO LA CU TI Anteromedial striatal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Stem cells of choroid plexus Cave of the septum ter na lc ap su le Strionuclear glioepithelium Anterolateral striatal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone (an ter ior lim b) Corpus callosum (body) Frontal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Frontal lobe Ca ud at (bo e nu dy cleu ) s Lateral ventricle Claustrum Induseum griseum Callosal glioepithelium Frontal stratified transitional field Germinal and transitional structures in italics Cingulum Interhemispheric fissure Callosal sling Fornical glioepithelium Cortical nuclei Medial nucleus Central nucleus Uncinate fasciculus dorsal Lateral nucleus ventral Basal nucleus Streams of cells migrating into the basolateral nuclear complex of the amygdala Temporal lobe Lateral fissure 44 PLATE 35A GW37 Coronal CR 350 mm, Y217-65 Level 9: Section 831 9 See the entire section in Plate 9.

White lines running through this section are artifacts of histological processing. 51 PLATE 38B Callosal glioepithelium Fornix Fornical glioepithelium Medial lemniscus lu m cu Pre sub icu l Parahippocampal gyrus Parasubiculum Red nucleus Superior cerebellar peduncle Interpeduncular nucleus Oculomotor nerve fibers? Subgranular zone Interpeduncular fossa ni gr a Tegmentum um S ub Medial longitudinal fasciculus Habenulointerpeduncular tract Stratum am Pyr id Hilus ar l a ye a r ye r la n tra t u m lac u t u ia S tr a t u m rad S M CA i PO S PU Medial geniculate body Stria terminalis Lateral geniculate body s ien er or al lay Subgranular zone Oculomotor nuclear complex ia Optic tract Central gray Suprageniculate nucleus Internal capsule Meyer's loop (visual radiation) Caudate nucleus (tail) ec u l a r MIDBRAIN Ventral posteromedial nucleus l G r a nu c u l le Mo gyrus te Habenulointerpeduncular tract Mesencephalic glioepithelium/ependyma le nc du pe al br re Ce Den ta Ammon's ho r Centromedian nucleus Cerebral aqueduct White matter sule CENTRAL COMPLEX rus Insular gy BELT Subcommissural organ Pretectum CO M PL EX Cortical plate ap nal c Exter THALAMUS n Putame RETIC ULA R VE NT RA L CA3 IP H Vental posterolateral nucleus Third ventricle (pineal recess) POSTERIOR COMPLEX Temporal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Layer I Pulvinar Fornical glioepithelium CA1 Callosal sling POSTERIOR COMPLEX Posterior striatal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone n Stria terminalis Reticular nucleus Posterior striatal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Lateral migratory stream Temporal stratified transitional field Corpus callosum (body) Strionuclear glioepithelium Caudate nucleus (tail) Choroid plexus Pa ra br ac hi al Su nu bs cl ta eu nt s Lateral fissure Lateral ventricle r o m s um -m o l Paracentral neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Germinal and transitional structures in italics Cingulate gyrus Interhemispheric fissure Induseum griseum e Paracentral stratified transitional field Lateral ventricle Ventral tegmental area Alvear glioepithelium Entorhinal cortex PONS Parahippocampal neuroepithelium, subventricular zone, and stratified transitional field Pontine gray Temporal lobe Middle cerebellar peduncle Transpontine corticofugal tract (thick longitudinal bundles) Reticular tegmental nucleus Pontocerebellar fibers (thin transverse bundles) Pontocerebellar fibers (decussation) Subpial granular layer 52 PLATE 39A GW37 Coronal CR 350 mm, Y217-65 Level 13: Section 1081 See the entire section in Plate 13.

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