By J. P. Connerade (auth.), Cleanthes A. Nicolaides, Charles W. Clark, Munir H. Nayfeh (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9781475793345

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This booklet collects the lectures given on the NATO complex learn Institute on "Atoms in powerful Fields", which happened at the island of Kos, Greece, throughout the weeks of October 9-21,1988. The designation "strong box" applies right here to an exterior electromagnetic box that's sufficiently robust to reason hugely nonlinear changes in atomic or molecular struc­ ture and dynamics. the explicit issues handled during this quantity fall into basic cater­ gories, that are these for which powerful box results should be studied intimately in terrestrial laboratories: the dynamics of excited states in static or quasi-static electrical and magnetic fields; and the interplay of atoms and molecules with severe laser radiation. In either parts there exist promising possibilities for learn of a primary nature. an electrical box of even a couple of volts in step with centimeter might be very powerful at the atom­ ic scale, if it acts upon a weakly certain nation. The examine of Rydberg states with excessive reso­ lution laser spectroscopic ideas has made it attainable to keep on with the transition from weak-field to strong-field habit in awesome element, utilizing static fields of modest lab­ oratory power; during this transition the atomic process evolves from one that will be completely understood by way of field-free quantum numbers, to 1 which can't be meaningfully linked in any respect with the zero-field states of the atom.

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The dissociation of the CS 2 molecule populated the 5 2 DML state then quasi-hydrogenic M=3 odd states can be excited in a single step process using single mode CW dye laser. The thermoionic diode provided a very efficient mean of detection. Some recordings are presented figure 15. They show for the first time the evolution of the diamagnetic spectra for different values of the energy in the vicinity of the same transverse quantum number n r . Other very high resolution experimental studies have been performed on barium 33.

Bayfield 24 reproduced figure 10. 26 MAGNETIC SHIELD ( GAS TARGET MICROWAVE r. YSIS ~IH ICl £. 1-_--, +Vlobel MERGED PHOTON 8 ATOMIC BEAMS MODULATED QUENCH - F. Figure 10. Experimental set up for spectroscopic studies on hydrogen using the method of fast beam collinear spectroscopy. Atomic hydrogen in Rydberg states n>10 are directly produced by charge exchange of a fast proton beam in a xenon cell. Electric field ionization permitted to select atoms in few well defined parabolic states n=15, then Rydberg to Rydberg state laser excitation was performed with a single mode CO 2 laser beam collinear to the atomic beam.

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