By T. et al.(eds) Ames

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This box consultant provides info on universal pests, ailments and dietary issues of candy potato. it's meant essentially as a device for proper identity of those difficulties and diseases, as an important first step of their keep an eye on.

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This box consultant offers info on universal pests, illnesses and dietary problems of candy potato. it truly is meant basically as a device for proper id of those difficulties and illnesses, as a vital first step of their keep an eye on.

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The sweetpotato butterfly is a pest in East and Central Africa. It is an important production constraint in some localities. Outbreaks are sporadic and seasonal and usually occur at the beginning of the dry season. Control. Sweetpotato fields should be observed for sweetpotato butterfly adults and damage early in the dry season. Webs containing young caterpillars should be collected and destroyed weekly. Early planting and harvesting enable the crop to escape severe attacks. ; however, effects on natural enemies should be considered.

Both adults and larvae eat large round holes in the leaves. Attacks are sometimes sufficiently severe to completely skeletonize the leaves and peel the stems. Distribution and importance. Four species of Aspidomorpha and eight other Chrysomelidae have been recorded in Kenya on sweetpotato. Several species occur in Southeast Asia including Cassia circumdata and C. obtusata, the green tortoiseshells; A. miiiaris, thespotted tortoiseshell; A. elevata, the golden tortoiseshell (Fig. 32A, B), and/1, amabiiis, with reddish brown elytra.

The caterpillars hatch after 3-5 days and take about 2 weeks to reach the pupal stage. The larvae (Fig. 39) possess two characteristic black crescents on the fourth and tenth abdominal segments, bordered by yellow lateral and dorsal stripes. The larvae prefer moist sites and may hide in the soil during the day, attacking plants at night. Pupation occurs in the soil. Female moths mate several times and produce a sex pheromone. The male moths are very sensitive to the pheromone on the fourth day after emergence.

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