By Stanislovas Staras; et al

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Shield,. the. retardation. factor. in. the. low-frequency. range. is. less. than. mounted. 6. the. frequencies. Generally,. the. retardation. factor. in. the. low-frequency. range. is. of. the. helix.. With. an. increase. of. the. ratio. c1/c2. (inhomogeneity. of. the. system. range. the. system. decreases. with. frequency. and. is. dependent. on. the. distance. of. the. shield. from. the. helix.. If. this. distance. decreases,. characteristic. impedance. 11b). the. system. consisting. of. the.

Width:. is. can. l. Equations. contain. components. conditions. one. MCL. analysis. MCL. Then. used. MCL. in. period. [6] dU 1 − = jωL11 I 1 + jωL12 I 2 , . 54) dx dU 2 = jωL22 I 2 + jωL21 I 1 , . 55) dI 1 = jω C11U 1 − jωC12U 2 , . shield. and − dI 2 = jω C22U 2 − jωC21U 1 , . U 2 ,. on. of. left. Thus, L12 = L12 R + L12 L , C12 = C12 R + C12 L , . 58) L21 = L21R + L21L , C21 = C21R + C21L . 59) Here,. index. L. corresponds. to. the. left. side. and. index. R. corresponds. to. the. side. Equations.

Phase. velocities. of. the. space. Dispersion. the. characteristic v ph q = f (ω ). 16) That. is,. phase. velocity. versus. frequency. or. phase. delay. time. versus. properties. decreases. increases. positive. group. negative. have     − jβ z  ∂2Eq ( x , y ) ∂2Eq ( x , y ) + + k 2 − β q2 Eq ( x , y )  e q = 0, . 17) k 2 = ω 2 εµ = (ω/v)2 . 18) +∞ ∑ ( where Here,. k. is. the. phase. constant. of. the. medium. with. dielectric. permittivity. ε. μ. by. period. obtain    ∂2Eq ( x , y ) ∂2Eq ( x , y ) + + k 2 − β q2 Eq ( x , y ) = 0.

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